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What is AlgoSwing?

AlgoSwing is a Systematic, Algorithm driven, Swing based and Risk managed Asset Management Company.
Currently we are active in Equities and Debt Asset Class of Indian Stock Market.

What markets does AlgoSwing Trades?

Under Phase 1- We are currently trading in NSE and BSE- under Cash, Futures and Options segment. 
Phase 2 shall enter- Commodities, Currency Derivatives, US Markets, and Crypto.
Our subsequent phases gets into other asset classes along with deployment of Machine learning.

How does the return profile look like?

Our Algorithm has now over 500+ live deployments in Indian stock market - it has generated over 85% accuracy- with 5% return on a span of 16 days ~ Annual returns upto 200% is already demonstrated and delivered.
Our target is to deliver 1000% YoY returns.

Why do you think you are different and shall be able to deliver exceptional returns?

Stock markets has seen tremendous growth in terms of tools, information, technology, and platforms which are now easily available to Retail investors.
We have been able to leverage and arrive at proven hypothesis. 
1: Our Swing strategies has strong backtested results of over 20,000 instances - 20 years of NSE and BSE. 
2: Our systems are newsless, rumourless, emotionless- complete mechanical setups which are further improved by Chart patterns
3: On the day of trade- Risk Management is applied at Trade level- with System based Targets and Stop Loss.
4. A healthy mix of Debt and Equity in the portfolio.

What is your approach?

First, we start with development of an Hypothesis which is essentially a target which we want to achieve in a given timeframe.This is crystallized into a set of Technical Indicators and Chart Patterns.
Second, Algorithm are desgined, deployed, iterated on past data and is backtested for the accuracy, targets, stop loss and days of holding. There starts the loop of refining the algorithm and post a good research- results into a deployable logic.
Third, the alogrithm is deployed into a live market- which results into the set of stocks following the logic. Post this screen- 2 more filters of - Candlestick and Chart Patterns is deployed which results into a refined set of stocks for investments.
Finally, the trade stepup is deployed which contains- Entry, Target, Stop Loss, Trail Stop Loss- all are simultaneouly entered at the time of taking the trade.

Are you SEBI or RBI registered?

Nope. We are not SEBI or RBI registered yet. Our plan is to register as an NBFC and offer fixed returns to the investors.
These algorithms are developed and deployed on our own capital.

Do you offer Advisory or PMS services?

Nope. We do not offer any training, tips or portfolio management services.