We are Hiring !
We are Hiring !

Job Description: Technical Analyst | Trader | Algo Designer

A Technical Analyst, is responsible for analysing the stock market and investment opportunities for the company. Their duties include analysing the stock market, creating potential investment forecasts and advising company leadership on investment opportunities.

To be successful as a trader, you should have in-depth knowledge of financial markets. A top-performing trader should be able to make accurate judgment calls in respect of buying and selling securities.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Equity Market:

    1. Conceptualizing, Building, Backtesting and Deploying trading strategies and algorithms.

    2. Implementing effective trading strategies.

    3. Working with quantitative researchers to improve trading strategies.

  2. Options and Futures Market:

    1. Work out risk managed strategies for deployment

    2. Make necessary adjustments as the trade progresses

    3. Plan for next day trades

  3. Trade Management:

    1. Recording and reporting each day’s profit and loss.

    2. Regularly monitoring portfolios to ensure that they are guideline compliant.

    3. Plan, Initiate and Monitor the trades as per the risk management policies of the company

    4. Daily scanning potential breakout patterns for the trade next day

    5. Submit daily report- indicating current performance and plan for the next day trades

  4. Research

    1. Keeping abreast with changes in the financial market.

    2. Research into Crypto, US Markets, Commodities Markets, etc

    3. Research on various trading methodologies as required

  5. Blogging/ Publishing the trades/ Videos of trades

Trader Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or related field.

  2. Proven trading experience.

  3. Strong business acumen.

  4. The ability to work well under stress.

  5. A solid understanding of financial markets.

  6. Excellent analytical skills.

  7. The ability to work long hours in a fast-paced environment.


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