Elon Musk - A World of Disruption
Elon Musk - A World of Disruption

Elon Musk inspires us to grow 10X and challenge the status quo.

He is my inspiration to have disrupted so many industries and beliefs. As his life's objective is to save mankind from extinction in case of any event in the earth- hence Mars is an alternate base.My objective is to save Earth. This is planned under Project Bharti- which is replica of 1000 Acrs integrated farming, energy, education and holistic lifestyle.

Algoswing is the engine which will drive Project Bharti. It is the first cog in the system to generate liquidity and provide the necessary momentum to Project Bharti.

With Elon Musk- I am constantly working to think how I can deliver 10 X in Investment approaches and distrupt the financial industry. 

[P.S- Elon Musk is an inspiration. Currently he is not connected with us in any form. I do have plans to bring him as my board member]